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These are obvious requirements. A less obvious one is to begin to like yourself a little more perhaps.

This is info is very helpful and inspirational too. I also like the Orange Juice in a shot glass that was suggested in another post to minimize sweats caused by low blood sugar. You have just replayed my life in front of my eyes today I have decided enough is enough I have thrown my tobacco and weed away this is a new me! Just found this page and am truly amazed at the goodwill and encouragement total strangers are giving each other. Wishing you well and big pat on the back, I wish I had given up years ago.

Am diabetes n on irvs. I quit smoking the latter part of June this year using Chantix. It really works if you allow it to do its job. I was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier and underwent a lobectomy on my left upper lung. The surgeon stated he got it all and the lymph glands were all clear.

I did not finish the Chantix regimen, but still not smoking. It has been about 3 months now and my cravings are not bad. I am still coughing up the nasty mucus caused by smoking. Not sure how long that will last. I had smoked for 56 years and I guess there is a lot of stuff to cough up. Good luck to all of you trying to quit smoking. I immediately quit smoking, but as the years pass by my condition got significantly worse, and I started having serious attacks. My pulmonologist started me on oral steroids to help control symptoms and minimize further damage but my symptoms never stopped getting worse.

Visit NewLife Herbal Clinic official website ww w. I have had great improvement with my over all respiration with this product and i breath very much easier, i can never be thankful enough to nature. Mind over matter, smoking is a habit, I keep telling myself that my lungs are smiling because i am not harming them anymore…. Quit 7 months ago after smoking for 32 years…totally worth the effort…If I can do it anybody can. I am on my day no. And I have to say, excercise was way to go for me during 1st 3weeks.

Any time sneek up on me a droped down did 20push ups, or just sit against the wall like squat with support for 3minutes.. Drink more water to support the lungs. Kick up vitamin c, consume pineapple, raw honey, stay with natual foods.. Push greens! Hope this helps!! Keep on swimming! Good luck, i am on a journey as well.

Thanks I was just wondering about drinking more water. I like greens I am on day one and going crazy!!! Its been about a month now that I smoked. I am having continuous mucus and excessive saliva these days with some tinkling chest pain near the breast bone. If some one can put some light over it, as what these things are sign of? It has been 38 day today since I had a cigarette. I am so glad I finally after so many tries decided to give them up, I thought it would be hard but if you really want to make your life better it is well worth it.

I just want to live my life more healthier, I am starting to exercise and eating more healthy all this is to see my grandbabies grow and have their own family. I quit after 43 of smoking. I tried hypnosis, nicotine patches, Wellbutrin and chantix. I started to feel it in my lungs and started to hate the taste and smell but still smoked anyway. I was down to cigs a day and eventually just stopped.

Just look up Allen Carr and use his method — books, audio, online course, in person. You will be a happy non-smoker for life — no replacements or substitutes are suggested with his method. That suggests that freeing yourself from smoking is hard and you are losing something, so you need a substitute.

How to Cleanse Your Lungs From Smoking

Also had my first sleep sweating overnight. OMG wtf nobody told me about that. Hopefully will pass soon been drinking a lot green tea and cranberry juice to try help detox. That is a fallacy , sweating helps clear the skin, the liver is the only organ that helps cleanse the toxins in your body. Wish I saw this a month ago OJ!!!! Hello i would love to quit Smoking.

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M Smoking Everyday. Even in nights also. I Decided to quit completely. How Should i Start. When i stress and Tention i feel like i need a cigirate Evenon small Issues i get angry n i feel like i need Cigirate. I felt that Because of cigirate my health is not good. Sometimes I have a feeling that M not giving proper Sex to my partner. Because m Done so fast within 5 mins. I really feel like shame on me.

Would you please guide me.

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How i can rid of smoke. When I first quit smoking. I replaced cigarettes with water. At work I would take breaks and would smoke. When I was quitting I would take a break and would get cold water, step outside and drink my water. I lost weight and felt so much better after some time. I did go back to smoking unfortunately.

But I now have been smoke free for a 15 months. I did it because I got pregnant. I again replaced cigarettes with water and it worked. Helped me a lot.

en.caruritajo.ga You can order it from Amazon. Hi i was a chain smoker i used to smoke like every 5 minutes or whenevr i think i have a cigg, do start a morning walk and try a day not to smoke result will be positive and you wont need a cigg anymore it works on me, try it. Just make up your mind and stop taking the cigarette in your hand. Thats about it.

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