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14 Wonderful Trees With White Bark
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Trying to find the name of a tree with white bark? Looking for an attractive tree for a garden? From birch to cypress, read on to learn more about. Looking to make your yard design unique? Consider these four varieties of trees with white bark that, even in winter months, retain their beauty.

The second reason the stuff is splashed on the trees is to protect them from the harsh temperature variations of winter, when harsh sun can reflect off the snow and cause sunscald and freezing frost can attack the bark. Walking Almaty readers have also submitted a third reason: on poorly lit roads, the reflectivity of the white trunks improves visibility.

If you look carefully, you'll see that trees don't just get whitewashed - they get green and bluewashed, too. These other colors are reserved for covering up pruning-wounds.

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There is some debate as to the effectiveness of tree trunk painting. It certainly directs burning sun rays from the tender bark, but the wrong product can cause more harm than good. The proper product to use for tree trunk painting is water-based latex paint. The paint needs to be diluted at a rate of one gallon latex mixed with four to five quarts of water.

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A Cornell University study found that a full strength application painted on protected best against borers. Another formulation is one-third each water, latex paint and joint compound, useful for sunscald protection.

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Never use an oil-based paint, which will not allow the tree to respirate. While some experts say to only use interior paint, others recommend the opposite.

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Keep in mind, however, that some paint may contain additives that can be harmful to plants, so check this beforehand. In fact, looking for one with an organic base may alleviate this concern.

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Also, in addition to white, you can actually use any light color paint and get the same results — just stay away from the darker tones which will absorb heat and cause further sunscald. Once you have mixed your paint mixture, the best method of application is by paintbrush.

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One single coat is sufficient in all but the most severe conditions. Painting tree trunks white is an easy and fairly non-toxic way to protect your plant from several different problems. No problem.

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