The ABC’s of Desserts

Jin Jin Hot / Cold Dessert @ ABC Brickworks Food Centre – Power Chendol Very Powerful!
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Maggie Austin. Party On. BraveTart: Iconic American Desserts. Stella Parks. Our Favorite Cheese Recipes. Sometimes it is a blessing not knowing how to make a proper Cendol because that frees you to be innovative. And so it is that through trial and error, Calvin came up with something that is not quite what you would expect Cendol to be, but would make you change the way you might like to enjoy Cendol in the future.

Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert (ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre)

So what makes this Cendol so unusual? Here you scoop up the coconut milk infused ice with the sticky, treacley Gula Melaka on the surface, put it in your mouth and experience the contrast of textures between the finely shaved coconut infused ice and toffee like Gula Melaka! Calvin tells me that he stumbled upon the Gula Melaka sensation through experimentation. Basically what gives it texture is the addition of cane sugar which caramelizes during the cooking process. The rest of the Cendol was, well, pretty pedestrian.

I told Calvin that if he would make his own Cendol the green stuff or at least source for a better version of it, that he would really hit Cendol jackpot. Aside from that, the fresh coconut milk, finely shaved ice and gula melaka actually good enough to award a 4.

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Well, in short, it is a take on the Hong Kong style Mango Ice Dessert but with a scoop of Durian Puree on top and finished with some condensed milk. I hear you ask. Unlike most other Gangsters, this is one that you would actually be quite happy to meet. Crispy pan-fried snapper Aside from being a healthy recipe, it's also fresh, flavoursome and easy to make. Easy and versatile potato gnocchi Easy and versatile potato gnocchi - garnish to the tastes of your guests. Recipe: Mallorcan-style baked fish In this Mallorcan one-dish wonder, freshly cooked fish fillets lie blanketed between delicate potato, spinach and tomato and sprinkled with pine nuts and raisins, to give the dish a true island flavour.

Chopped steak salad A vibrant salad featuring crispy steak and a zingy lime and garlic dressing.

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Lainey's omelette with Chinese sausages Lainey Vo has been receiving compliments about her chilli oil for many years and now she's taking it to the world. Honey, ricotta and thyme cheesecake A creamy, light and cold dessert you'll want to share.

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Recipe: Sunflower seed risotto. Rottnest Island scallops with pickled fennel and smoked butter. Rice noodles with chicken in coconut broth A noodle dish packed with flavour and goodness.

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Sardines with roast potatoes and parsley sauce A fast and filling seafood dinner. Junkyard biscuits Interesting mix-ins make for a sweet and savoury flavour combination! No-waste watermelon, rind, feta and mint salad Have you ever wondered how to use an entire watermelon, without wasting the rind? Food for life.

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Adding a cherry to a bowl of ice cream makes it all come together. Make sure not to swallow the seeds while eating a watermelon cake. Very quickly you should start to see your dough take shape. Religious Christmas Cards. Various methods are described and evaluated so that you use the safest, most consistent Holiday Party Invitations.

The sad lot of the rooster By Fiona Scott-Norman. The battle for red meat Amid growing conversations about healthy diets, veganism and plant-based proteins, how does red meat stay on consumers' plates?