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So, my dear officials, administrators and even moderators: you'll have just to clearly state I've to leave, and I'll do, as I'm not used to stay where I'm not wanted. Alternatively, you can cowardly ban me and delete this thread: it will be the same, to me, as I'm able to read " between lines " To avoid misunderstandings, I've to specify and clearly state we , that thread's participants. Please dont ask what its regarding as it wil be explained if and when you hopefully make contact.

As i said previously, its a good thing. Phicksur I agree with what you said so, when I decide to write into a thread which is not the official one, I take on myself the responsability to have my thoughts not Phicksur I agree with what you said so, when I decide to write into a thread which is not the official one, I take on myself the responsability to have my thoughts not reported into it. I obviously assumed the second , having the first as an " undue bonus ". Petrv, Hi there.

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Rizzoli, I hence stress that it becomes increasingly important to understand that concepts and terms are always related to the socio-cultural contexts in which they emerge, and they are often extraneous to the societies into which they are imported and used. The value of the demonstrations may be greatest if you try at least one by clicking above before browsing the rest of the site. Soutourina, A. The question is: wouldn't you fund a space nation too? Libri giornali manifesti, Rome , p.

Would you kindly either list a contact email address i can reach you on or preferably email me on the following meyeint protonmail. It is not in relation to anything bad. I am no more than a registered Asgardian like you. The context in which is something i would prefer to discuss not on an open forum.

A country “up to the neck in cars”: automobiles and the emissions regulation in Italy (1950-2008)

I hope too hear from you soon. Regards, Andrew Gillard. Astro Guardians. As this is fun, but it may be our future also, I'm placing this thread under this section: mods can move it at their own discretion. If someone likes to virtually meet, without having to move to thousand chilometers away, into a 3D nearly realistic environment, we can even use SecondLife. My registered name is " Elwe Ewing " real, or "legacy", name but My registered name is " Elwe Ewing " real, or "legacy", name but I bet I can be found, there, as " Elwe Thor " as well.

Will try searching for an Asgardia group or to found one, eventually. Social events music, meetings, scientific ones also Crazy places Crazy things I did that, yes Spaceships Traditional boats and seas to sail too And, last but maybe not least Was looking here and there, in the forum, many users managing to exchange their own "IDs" of various comms services, like Steam, Discord, etc.

Why not placing online a TeamSpeak server, then, instead of relying to others' services we can also contro very few? I mean: nowadays is ok to use other services, as Asgardia have not developed internal ones yet but, for the future, it should be considered into the whole Communication's Infrastructure like VoIP-phones, IMs, etc.

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Civic, I'm updating the initial "feature request". Further updates will take place as soon as we'll better define the details.

TGtg del 24 gennaio 2019 – Giulio Sapelli

Subject: Voice Routing Services Description: flexible ed interoperable Voice Services, usable by means of various kinds of "clients" to authenticate and communicate, at various levels, by means of a "routing service" built into Asgardia's IT network structure. Proponents: Elwe Thor , Inductive Soul and anyone other who knows these kind of systems, or just wishes to help: we'll be glad to expand the proponents' group. I was thinking for authentication purposes, and to help create a secure connection to our system, we could modify a version of Linux and distort it to our community.

I was looking at elementary OS as an option, we can build in the network authentications and ensure that there I was looking at elementary OS as an option, we can build in the network authentications and ensure that there is a secure connection. Since we are all operating around the globe, we can utilize a VPN service I personally use VanishIP but maybe we can even develop our own and ensure that our connections are secure.

Then, once we compile the OS Distro, we can make the. I'd definitely add in my knowledge to this project. Thank you very much, Inductive Soul , for the confirmations. I'm going to update the starting post with these details, so to start gathering the items to form a proposal and to have them at the top. Ashurbeyli's words, as for your knowledge LeoBrazil You mean " waiting " when writing " standing ", right? Worth remembering that "citizens" have rights that "users" lacks, as users are " just guests " I bet, as you're a lawyer as far as I I bet, as you're a lawyer as far as I remember , this is way far clear in your mind.

Mi spiego meglio: sappiamo che le " acque internazionali " sono quelle che, genericamente senza entrar troppo in dettaglio , vanno oltre le " 12 miglia " dalle coste di una nazione definite "acque interne e territoriali". Cosa avviene, invece, "sopra"? E' infatti l'imbarcazione ad essere una sorta di "territorio mobile galleggiante " sulla quale valgono, per l'appunto, le leggi dello Stato di cui essa batte bandiera leggi, tasse, ecc. A quanto ne so, non esiste un " limite delle 12 miglia " 22 km , come " territorio locale ", della ISS o di alcun altro satellite orbitante attorno alla Terra o altri pianeti, esattamente come non esiste un " territorio locale " attorno alle navi in navigazione nelle acque internazionali.

An inconvenient discovery: the car may damage the environment

Chi vorreste pilotasse l'aereo su cui state viaggiando? Un pilota specializzato, abilitato ufficialmente e con comprovata esperienza di volo, oppure preferireste. Le oscillazioni del gusto: L'arte d'oggi tra tecnocrazia e consumismo (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Gillo Dorfles. Download it once and read it on your.

Thus, every ship is recognized, by law, as sort of "mobile territory" where the owning State's laws are in force each boat is registered to a definite State, by law, inheriting its laws, taxation, etc. The same way, as far as I know, the ISS is using to rule the " territorial access " into it's boundaries even that, not so simple matter to rule : ISS is not owning the "space" into which it's traveling orbit but, into it's boundaries, there are a number of regulations english refs.

As far as I know, there is no " 12 miles " limit, as " local territory ", for ISS or any orbiting satellite around the Earth or any other planet, the same as there is no " local territory " around any ship into international waters. An interesting thing about Asgardia is it will naturally force new "space laws" to emerge, which is a good thing IMHO. Sorry for the lack of Italian: The horizontal boundary for any given territory is set at Pretty much the same as the maritime definition. The vertical boundary, as you say, is a little more complex! There is currently no international agreements on this subject.

Brunak, A. Danchin, M. Hattori, H. Nakamura, K. Shinozaki, T. Matise, D. Preuss Nucleotide sequence database policies [pdf] Science The Durban Declaration 5, signatures on october 9th, see also the surprising and dangerous reaction to this declaration at The Scientist Editor in Chief, Eugene Garfield, the inventor of Impact Factors Danchin Sheng wu ji shu jie he dian; meng huw xian shi?

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Use search engines to find more A Note on bibliometrics. Peer-reviewed publications E. Kobayashi, S. Ehrlich, A. Albertini, G. Amati, K.

http://monstermatsch.de/error/newport/tyl-oe3-partnersuche.php Andersen, M. Arnaud, K. Asai, S. Ashikaga, S. Aymerich, P. Boland, S. Brignell, S. Bron, K. Bunai, J. Chapuis, L. Christiansen, A. Dervyn, E. Deuerling, K. Devine, S. Devine, O. Dreesen, J.

Errington, S. Fillinger, S. Foster, Y.

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Fujita, A. Galizzi, R. Gardan, C.