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Many of the figures he found described there were known to him as old people in his village. The text acquires a particular intensity through this personal point of view. In the night of a shooting star that makes dreams come true, the chains fall from its legs and the bar doors open of their own accord. The animals of the zoo follow the elephant into freedom. The next morning all the cages are empty. Only two children have observed the animals leaving the town, but no one believes them. Everyone is convinced there has been a crime.

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Nighttime colors enhance this poetic story. ISBN Siblings - Family - Language - Everyday life This is the tale of a boy who tries to come to terms with his life in his family and especially his relationship with his younger sister with the help of words. For him, language always has a literal, direct meaning.


It is raining from every direction. This makes for a gripping reading experience, given most delightful variation by Berner's pictures and vignettes. Das Fest der Lichter. The festival of lights. Two tales Wuppertal: Hammer, Gecko ISBN Russia - Jews - Prayer - Religious holiday - Christ The old men of Yevka, near Odessa, are no longer able to celebrate Minyan, the Jewish worship service with all the sacred rites, because they lack the necessary tenth believer. Little Sascha, a future detective who is curious about all the secrets surrounding him, leads his father's British business partner into the synagoge.

As he is also Jewish, the congregation finds its tenth man. In an impressive narrative, the author, herself Jewish, depicts the old atmosphere of an East European shtetl from the naive perspective of a modern non-Jewish child. Die Erbsenprinzessin. But as he is not all too clever, the servant Truffaldino must amend many royal blunders not all girls are princesses!

But soon she is standing, unsummoned, at the door - pitch wet and cranky. And just as in Hans Christian Andersen's original tale, she notices the pea under the mattress, and the wedding follows. Yet there is nothing even slightly proper or royal to this version, as uncouth as a Punch and Judy show, making it all the more enchanting.

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ISBN Colors - Argument - Reconciliation The queen of colors is the ruler of red, blue and yellow, but she cannot prevent them from getting into fights with one another. When this happens, the world doesn't become more colorful, but rather all too brown and grey. The queen is so upset and troubled that she begins to cry colored tears, until red, blue and yellow re-emerge from the grey of the world.

The artist's colored pencil technique and sensitive stroke give this small-sized book an air of vivaciousness and optimism. Ur-Otto is a master at the art of living and brings lots of excitement into the life of the whole family with his sayings and songs. Even the media get involved. And Mother's natural foods store begins to do great business on his account. But when all the enthusiasm begins to wane, Ur-Otto has still another surprise up his sleeve. ISBN Scarecrow - Deterrence - Friendliness - Compromise - Ecological balance A farmer rises up in arms because the birds have lost all respect for the old scarecrow.

So he gives it a steel helmet and skull and bones. The bird deterrence is a complete success - but the caterpillars eat the whole field bare. There is no bird in sight to prevent them. The farmer must call a retreat and grant his feathered companions their share of the harvest grain. Later her parents, who work in West Berlin, will leave East Germany illegally with their daughter.

Although lacking in chocolate bars, chewing gum and similar miracles, this is a healthy childhood embedded in an emotionally and socially sound framework of relationships. The important things are the lesser and greater events of everyday life, the friends, grandparents, while the state authorities play only a marginal role.

This is a story with no ideological bone to pick but full of local color. It is an intensive and literary childhood memoir which even seems to enjoy holding up a mirror to today's satiated world. Lotte will Prinzessin sein Lotte would like to be a princess Ravensburg: Ravensburger, And Lotte doesn't want to put on the blue skirt and red pullover, she wants to wear the yellow princess dress. And Mother should dress up as a princess, too a red evening dress with jewels - to go to work?

Lotte wins: soon both the little and the big princess leave the house in haste, but not without their crowns.

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And it isn't even carnival season. Both text and illustrations of this first children's book by the wellknown German filmmaker attack the drab monotony of mothers' and daughters' daily routines. In fact, in this case the alphabet is only a pretext to create a lovely book, not a didactic tool for younger children. In partly encoded and riddle-like verses the author takes aim at the secret orthographic life of each letter, as well as elaborate highflown pedantry. The wealth of illustrative matter expands and illuminates in a charmingly encoded manner the linguistic and world view of the illustrator Klaus Ensikat.

Where have you been, Robert? In this way he unexpectedly sets off on a journey backwards through several hundred years of the world's history, starting in Russia in the year , then back to the Thirty Years War and finally to an artist's studio in Amsterdam in the 17th century. As the artist's apprentice he discovers the possiblity of painting himself back to his own time. Curiously, no one at home even noticed his absence. Hans Magnus Enzensberger's depiction of the boy's experiences is a plea for critical reflection on contemporary and historical times.

But Germany is in a period of upheaval. Things begin to happen in his life in a quite ordinary, unspectacular way that later occur on an enormous scale in social and political life.

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More and more of his friends run to join the Hitler Youth, whose slogans and activities Christian finds revolting. And so he decides to emigrate and begin his life all over again. The author depicts a detailed picture of German history between the two world wars. ISBN Numbers - Paradox - Poetry For all his Faustian hunger for knowledge, man reveals himself here as a weak and easily confused being - aping and yellow-bellied, money-hungry and violent. Fleeing foolishly from the Grim Reaper, he clambers about on the roller coaster of life.

That is the essence and the visualized result of the Goethe-Erlbruchian calculation in this picture book. Erlbruch renders here a free interpretation of the absurd and playful text. He paints, cuts and pastes collages in free association, offering both young and old a firework of vivid and profound fantasy. Charlie, du Blindekuh! Charlie, you blindman's buff! Ravensburg: Ravensburger, Now it is Charlie's turn to be the blindman.


When all the other children are settled down for the birthday cake, the poor child is still searching for someone to take over from him. Without realizing it, he wanders off down the street and gets completely lost, until the little dog of one of the other party guests brings him back. Charlie kept on searching patiently and never learns what a roundabout way he has travelled.

This simple, yet striking story is told with much humor in text and slightly caricaturist pictures.

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In his calm, yet profound illustrations Quint Buchholz does not conceal that the prima donna has, for a change, a beard. Yet the penguins find the performance just as enchanting as the readers of the entire book. Von der Kunst, erwachsen zu werden The blue sofa. When his grandparents' wealth becomes scattered after their death, he finds himself able to talk with the old man who lives in the house across the way, whom he learns to call his master, about existential questions. This is a grippingly told story that takes its time and builds up atmosphere, portraying the doubts and conflicts of youth without any all too quick and easy solutions.

Wo geht's nach Dublin? Will you show me the way to Dublin? Hamburg: Dressler, But the O'Connells love their life in a covered wagon and the children don't want to give up the big pony Pinky and the little black-and-white dog for a pitful existence in the crowded social settlements of Dublin. So the two oldest children run away one night with their animals. And what a surprise! Inspite of the intervention of police and social worker, the story ends happily on the farm of old Tim Malloy.

The law is satisfied and everyone has something to gain. The joys and trials of the vagabonds and their drive for independence, both inward and outward, is told with much affection and humor. He takes flight by dreaming that he could live together with all the children of the world in a tower.

When his confinement is over the boy tells all his friends, including a young girl named Hildi, about his dream. As a result each of them plans to learn a different profession: architect, clay shingles, draftsman, and stone mason. Together they make plans to build the tower. Large illustrations show many lonely children who have vivid hopes for mutual understanding and a common future.

Toccata Fantastica

ISBN Moving house - Weekend house - School holiday - First love Jakob nicknamed Juksch Jonas narrates the results of one year in his life - beginning with the move to a new, unknown city where he tries unsuccessfully to find friends. Soon his father rents a weekend house that needs to undergo complete renovation - as a joint project for the whole family. It has no electricity, water only from a well, and all around nothing but nature.

They spend Christmas at the cottage, completely snowed in and cut off from the outside world until their neighbors shovel them out.