Japan and the Dutch 1600-1853

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The VOC was originally founded in , as the result of the merger of a number of different firms which had previously been in competition with one another; these firms united under a board of directors known as the Seventeen Gentlemen Heren Zeventien , forming the United East India Company.

The Company enjoyed a considerable degree of autonomy, and even state-like powers, including engaging in diplomacy, deploying military forces, and claiming territory, even as it simultaneously enjoyed considerable support from the Dutch Republic. The Dutch originally established their presence in Japan with a factory in Hirado in Nicolaes Puyck and Abraham van den Broecke led a small mission to Sunpu , where they presented two cases of raw silk , some lead , and two gold goblets to Tokugawa Ieyasu as gifts, promising that later ships would have much more considerable cargoes.

Ieyasu granted their request for trade, and presented them with a sword, a sign of the binding of a relationship. However, it was Company policy that gifts given to VOC envoys e. Much of the collections of the stadtholders chief magistrates of the United Provinces of the Netherlands was dispersed in conjunction with the French invasion of the Netherlands in the s, and as a result the current whereabouts of these numerous Japanese swords, suits of armor, etc. The English East India Company established their Hirado factory in , and closed it in , leaving the Japan trade at that time. The Dutch presence in Japan was quite precarious for its first few decades, encountering numerous difficulties, and engaging in much negotiation, demands, concessions, and conflict.

A very elaborate and expensive mission to Edo led by Pieter Nuyts was refused an audience with the shogun, and its gifts rejected; Nuyts and his men ended up fleeing Edo in the middle of the night.


This is the history of Dutch influence on Japan during the so-called 'closed centuries' between and Dutch maritime traders provided the only. Japan and the Dutch [Grant K. Goodman] on tentatifitci.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the history of Dutch influence on Japan.

Nuyts became head of the Company's operations in Taiwan the following year, but his conflicts with the Japanese continued, leading to a Japanese raid on Fort Zeelandia. Nuyts was captured at that time, in and Japanese trade with the VOC was terminated; four years later, the shogunate agreed to resume trade in exchange for Nuyts' imprisonment in Edo - he was held for three and a half years. Over the course of their time in Japan, the Dutch were forced to adapt, considerably, to the circumstances circumscribed by the shogunate: though the Company engaged in considerable maritime violence against its rivals in the early decades of the 17th century, this was forced to be reduced dramatically; the VOC also had to convince the shogunate of its legal and rightful ability to engage in diplomatic negotiations, and had to defend its possession, administration, and exploitation of colonial territories against shogunal suspicions and concerns.

Fort Zeelandia was established on Taiwan in , and served as a powerful entrepot intermediary trading port for trade with both China and Japan.

conlistnamangber.tk In , the Dutch exported 1. The Company was headquartered at Batavia Jakarta , on the island of Java.

It built its first trading post factory on the island in , after concluding an agreement with the local ruler, Prince Jayakarta, paying him 1, rijksdaalder for a plot of land to build upon. The English made a similar arrangement and built their own trading post five years later, in The following year, forces from the neighboring province of Banten helped eliminate the English from the area, and under the leadership of Jan Pieterzoon Coen , who has been quoted as saying that trade cannot be conducted without war, nor war without trade, the VOC took Jakarta in , burning down much of the town, driving out the local population, and building a fortress from which it would base its operations in Southeast Asia.

After securing a monopoly on nutmeg, the VOC pushed on to seize control of the trade in cloves, and destroyed every last cloves tree on a number of islands, leaving only a few islands as the only sources of cloves in the region, thus driving prices up dramatically, to the benefit of the Company, which controlled the islands. Soon afterwards, they turned their attentions to pepper, taking control of the Javanese port of Bantam Banten , the chief pepper-exporting port in the region.

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Though focusing on monopolizing the spice trade, and on extracting as much volume of spices as possible from these islands, the Dutch found they also needed to engage in trade in a variety of other goods, including textiles, tea, and coffee, in order to have goods to trade in China other than precious metals, since the Chinese were generally disinterested in European manufactures.

Despite its dominance of the spice trade, however, the VOC still had to contend with Chinese, English, and other merchants as competitors.

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