How Local Resilience Creates Sustainable Societies: Hard to Make, Hard to Break

OPINION: What Does a Sustainable Future Actually Look Like?
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Last winter, more than 50 Common Security Clubs formed in communities around the country: a mini-movement of people coming together in religious congregations, community centers, and union halls to help each other understand and cope with the the collapsing economy.

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The clubs soon moved past the goal of simply weathering the crisis and began to work toward reforms—both nationally and in their communities—that would prevent a repeat of the devastation. Six months later, club members are reporting a number of other benefits, as well.

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Even though there has been a widely shared experience of economic meltdown, many people still blame themselves for circumstances beyond their control. By educating ourselves about the root causes of the crisis, clubs are able to devote time to developing productive solutions rather than self-blame. Recent news coverage about the crisis includes rosy predictions that the economy is rebounding. Unemployment is still climbing, people are losing their houses, poverty is deepening.

The experts, politicians and media all failed to keep a critical eye on the economy.

Hard to Make, Hard to Break, 1st Edition

For many members of Common Security Clubs, this is one of the reasons it is important that we learn together. We ceded too much power to the experts—and now it is time for us to think for ourselves. What is real in the economy?

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What is real wealth and what is phantom wealth? We understand charity, but genuine reciprocity is harder. This is less true in some communities of color and among new immigrants that depend on strong mutual support networks to survive.

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But for many communities and congregations, we need practice in mutual aid. Common security clubs have helped members network about jobs, strategize personal budgets, and find ways to be more frugal.

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Some have bartered for services among themselves, swapping yard work for childcare or computer skills for language lessons. Once people start looking at things they can do together, there is tremendous energy for local and community responses. How can we ensure that stimulus funds will reach our communities and create good jobs?

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Modularity and Connectivity Connections among components within a system can allow shocks to propagate through the system so that tightly coupled systems may be more vulnerable to systemwide risks May et al. Recently, I have taken part, in an effort at Shell, to look at what a sustainable city really means. Fragmented marsh, characterized as having a high ratio of edge to area, provides an environment for high-quality recreational fishing and also habitat for commercially important species, but it is less effective for storm protection. However, a narrow focus on stabilizing complex systems to provide a constant flow of ecosystem services may reduce system resilience and increase vulnerability Gunderson et al. Is that a message that policymakers could explain to the general public in Japan and would win recognition and acceptance? Maybe in larger cities like Yokohama and Tokyo it is not as serious, but in rural cities this is very serious. Murakami: What I would like to emphasize first and foremost is that compared to advanced nations, the energy consumption per household is about half of Western countries.

How can we push back against the powerful Wall Street interests that are limiting health care or trying to undermine basic financial oversight? Clubs have recently lobbied Congress to pass legislation to stop foreclosures, protect consumers, and rein in the unregulated financial operators on Wall Street. They have transitioned from offering support to taking action. For clubs that have been together for several months, there are wonderful benefits.

People are able to share financial information and challenges at a deeper and more useful level. The group develops a shared understanding of the economic system that informs social action. These clubs have been a place where we hold each other as we face change together. It is a place where we both take responsibility for our own complicity in the economic crisis —perhaps with blind trust in experts or borrowing beyond our means. But these clubs are also a foundation for increased social action to press for a solidarity economy that works for everyone. Today, they seem more relevant than ever. Two million more people lost their jobs this year. Chuck Collins wrote this article for YES!

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How Local Resilience Creates Sustainable Societies: Hard to Make, Hard to Break, 1st Hard to Make, Hard to Break, 1st Edition It does this by examining how leaders can make smarter interventions within complex systems to prevent the. How local resilience creates sustainable societies: hard to make, hard to break, by Philip Monaghan. Article in Journal of Sustainable Tourism 24(7)

Magazine , a national nonprofit media organization that fuses powerful ideas with practical actions. Chuck is a member of a common security club in Boston, Mass and has helped coordinate a network of clubs. Fragility increases disaster risk and disasters can increase fragility. Inclusiveness on the other hand is a well known success factor to create sustainable and resilient societies.

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The Sendai Framework proposes a broader and people-centered preventive approach to DRR prioritizing all-of-society empowerment and pays attention to people disproportionately affected. Youth working in fragile contexts have demonstrated ground-breaking leadership in building trust and have exhibited a sense of belonging to a common vision; implementing community development work in areas where no other actors are present; channelling local knowledge and mobilizing hard-to-reach communities.

Leveraging the transformative potential of young people in the face of vulnerability demands a bold policy reorientation from governments.

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