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Gold is perceived as trustworthy. Therefore it still plays a role. During the Cold War, when the country was on the front lines of East-West conflict, West Germany moved large amounts of its reserves abroad out of fear they would be seized by an invading Soviet army.

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Even after the Berlin Wall fell in , the gold stayed overseas. One reason it took so long to bring it back is that moving gold is not so easy.

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It is heavy and an obvious target for thieves. But the Bundesbank began repatriating some of the gold in after an official audit found shortcomings in the way the reserves were accounted for.

enter site The bank has been secretive about how it moved the gold, to discourage anyone who might try to steal it. The public prosecutor in Stuttgart has opened investigations into the business, the paper reported.

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The audit, in , provoked a political outcry among Germans who were shocked to learn that much of their gold was stored not only in Manhattan but also in Paris and London. Log In. Display positions. Please enter the text in the following text field. Despite the public criticism, the Bundesbank has not let go of its gold easily. Another difference to the original series is that Bud Norris, Skinner's father, operates a shady bar in the city center.

An investigation by Handelsblatt raised questions about other claims made by the company. Seiz and Karatbars are being sued by a Swiss academic who claims they plagiarised a report she wrote about the contents of a group of copper mines in Chile. In an interview with Handelsblatt, Seiz conceded the report had been faked, blaming a former business associate, and he failed to provide evidence that he owned a stake in a gold mine at all.

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It's sometimes confusing, but the 12 locations shown in the video guide here are definitely the places where the upgrades are for the first time. Here you see all 4 Solutions for the Enigma Codes.

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Go in the Mainmenu to the Point Extras - Enigma Codes and enter the following Codes: Code 1: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01 A very good guide. Especially considered that sone items were not there during the playthrough and I had to reload the chapters after finishing, it was a big help.