Ghosts of Detroit: The Haunted Locations of Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Ghost Stories that Will Haunt You
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Residents who live in the neighborhood around the buildings have heard the screams and cries of mentally tortured souls… MORE. Allegan Jail Regent Theatre. Kalamazoo Civic Center Kalamazoo Sanitorium. Choose your state! West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming. Haunted Halloween… visit great Michigan Attractions! Visit Another State! Michigan Haunted Houses — HauntedHouses.

Allegan Jail The living who have toured the museum, or have been part of investigations, have been touched by unseen presences in the cell areas… MORE. Bowers Harbor Inn … they realized that while they owned the mansion on paper, they had permanent unseen guests there with them… MORE.

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Kalamazoo Sanitarium Residents who live in the neighborhood around the buildings have heard the screams and cries of mentally tortured souls… MORE. Detroit is the most haunted city in Michigan. Who was this scary entity? Visitors to the site have allegedly experienced everything from floating orbs and lights to disembodied voices.

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Alabama's first capital and famous ghost town takes its name from the state's longest river, situated at the confluence of the Cahaba and the Alabama. It was abandoned after the Civil War, and its empty buildings, slave burial ground, and eerie cemeteries are now popular settings for ghost tours and stories of paranormal activity. The most famous tale is that of a luminous floating orb appearing in the former garden maze of Colonel C. Pegues's house, shortly after the colonel had been killed in battle.

Back in , a year-old, unknown writer named William Faulkner rented some rooms in the heart of New Orleans 's French Quarter. The bookstore's collection ranges from first-edition classics to NOLA city guides, but the store has one particularly spine-chilling claim to fame: The space is reportedly haunted by—you guessed it—William Faulkner himself, with people claiming to smell pipe tobacco one of the author's trademarks and even spot his image sitting at his original writing desk.

Thomas Whaley built this family estate in in San Diego , on the former site of the city's first public gallows.

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Shortly after he moved in, he reported hearing the heavy footsteps of "Yankee" Jim Robinson, a drifter and thief who was hanged on the site four years before the house was built. Whaley's family history ended up being filled with tragic deaths and suicides, many of which occurred inside the home itself. Some of the family members reportedly still haunt the landmark , often accompanied by cigar smoke and the smell of heavy perfume. The house is rumored to be on top of an Indian burial ground and is home to at least 12 different ghosts.

Legends and ghost stories abound, including the tale of a former slave named Chloe, who had her ear chopped off by her master after she was reportedly caught eavesdropping. She got her revenge by poisoning a birthday cake and killing two of the master's daughters, but was then hung by her fellow slaves. Chloe now reportedly wanders around the plantation, wearing a turban to conceal her severed ear.

Since its construction in , the Crescent Hotel has served several purposes: luxury resort, conservatory for young women, junior college. But the strangest mark on its history came in when it got a new owner, Norman G.

Top 13 Most Haunted Places in Detroit, MI

Baker was a millionaire inventor who decided to pose as a doctor despite having no medical training and turn the hotel into a hospital that could "cure" cancer. He was eventually found out and run out of town, although reports say that his spirit found its way back to the site—and found some otherworldly company, too. The now-operating Crescent Hotel is said to be haunted by at least eight ghosts , ranging from a five-year-old girl to a bearded man wearing Victorian clothing. One of the oldest theaters in America, this site in downtown Charleston has racked up a lot of tumult and history over the years.

After a fire burned down the original theater, the Planters Inn was built on the spot; it was converted back to a theater in the s. The most flamboyant ghost here is Nettie Dickerson, who, legend has it, was struck by lightning while standing on the balcony of the hotel. Her shadow has been reported gliding along the second floor of the theater, dressed in a red gown. Also in otherworldly attendance: Junius Brutus Booth, a renowned 19th-century actor and the father of Lincoln assassin John Wilkes who used to frequent the inn. Mizpah Hotel opened in as one of Nevada's first luxury hotels, complete with solid granite walls and Victorian-era decor, and it was fully restored in But the swanky hotel has a history as blood-red as its scarlet furnishings—one it proudly embraces. Legend has it that a woman died on the fifth floor, and her soul never left the building. The "Lady in Red" now reportedly makes her presence known by whispering in men's ears and leaving pearls from her broken necklace on guests' pillows.

The Mizpah honors or capitalizes on her reputation by letting visitors stay in the Lady in Red suite and serving the Red Lady Bloody Mary at the hotel restaurant. Established in as a brothel for miners during the Klondike Gold Rush, Alaska's Red Onion Saloon had a feature that set it apart from other bordellos: It used dolls to help run its business. Always a good sign. Every day, 10 dolls would be placed on the bar downstairs, each one representing one of the ladies working in the upstairs rooms.

A customer would choose one of the dolls, at which point it was laid down on the bar to indicate that particular worker was occupied. When the customer came back downstairs, the doll would be returned to her sitting position to let other potential clients know she was available. Fast-forward to , when the Red Onion Saloon still operates as a bar and restaurant yep, the dolls are still on display , and offers tours of the upstairs rooms, which are preserved as a sort of makeshift brothel museum.

As if licentious dolls weren't creepy enough, there are reports of Lydia—a former madam of the brothel—haunting the site, complete with cold spots and lingering smells of perfume wafting through the halls. But come nightfall, you'd have to be something of a daredevil to enter its myth-ridden grounds. When construction workers started renovating the church in , they unearthed bones, nails, and tattered military uniforms near the altar, which some believe belonged to three soldiers of the Alamo.

Since the disturbing incident, visitors have reported shadowy figures and orbs in their photographs, as well as ghosts in the back of the church itself.

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Such otherworldly inhabitants include a man dressed in black and figures in hooded, monk-like clothing. Lions, and tigers, and As it turns out, one of Chicago's most popular attractions is also one of its most haunted, with much more than just chimpanzees roaming the grounds. From the s to '50s, the heart of Lincoln Park served as the city cemetery, housing some 35, bodies. The cemetery was eventually moved due to its proximity to the city's water supply, and most of the bodies—but not all of them—were moved along with it.

If you've ever seen a horror movie, you know that messing with burial grounds is the easiest way to get haunted, and the Lincoln Park Zoo is no exception. We are sad to report, however, that no animal ghosts have been spotted as of yet. Theater employees still bid good morning and good night to her portraits hanging backstage.

Considered one of Savannah's most haunted locations , the Moon River Brewing Company has played many roles before becoming the beer house and restaurant it is today. The building began as a hotel in , then served as a hospital for yellow fever victims during the Civil War. Needless to say, the building saw a lot of death during that time, and many believe some of that macabre energy still lingers. Many of the restaurant's guests have reported seeing a woman in period clothing staring down from the top of the staircase; other sightings include a taunting spirit named "Toby" in the basement, and a spirit named "Mrs.

Johnson" upstairs. But as long as you stick to the main level, you should be able to enjoy your beer in relative peace. Deep in the woods of central North Carolina, about 50 miles south of Greensboro, is a mysterious circle where no plant or tree will grow, nor will any animals cross its path. The reason? The foot clearing is where the devil comes to stomp and dance every night—at least according to local legends. The area has built up quite the eerie reputation over the years, with people claiming to see red eyes glowing there at night and placing their belongings in the circle in the evening, only to find them thrown back out the next morning presumedly so the devil can clear his dance floor.

Toni Jo Henry was a former sex worker who reached national levels of infamy when she killed a man in cold blood in It took three trials for a jury to convict the "charming" Toni Jo, but she eventually became the first and only woman in Louisiana to be executed in the electric chair.

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However, her spirit is said to have remained in the courthouse, where workers can feel her presence and even smell her burning hair. Many claim she meddles with everyday life at the courthouse to make life more difficult for the employees, locking doors and fiddling with office equipment. During that time, it was the site of at least one murder, a sailor being crushed to death by a door in the engine room, and children drowning in the pool.