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Gardner in the s and s created the conditions for the vast work developed by Geoffrey Farthing from the s and up to his death in May Both theosophists lived in England. The movement owes them a great debt of gratitude. Front cover and opening page of the pamphlet written by Edward L.

For help in preparing and presenting this statement I am much indebted to Mr. Wallace Slater and Mr.

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Leslie-Smith, and to the latter also for the final section. Annie Besant and Bishop C. Most of the Sections and Lodges of The Theosophical Society accepted this proclamation with confidence and diverted much of their energy to the Star Campaign - in preparation for his Coming.

https://ductvipolo.gq Obviously there has been no Coming. It has, however, now become known that the source of the proclamation was Bishop Leadbeater himself. In letters he wrote to Mrs. As Truth is a priority among Theosophists, it is my hope that the following explanatory analysis of important events in the history of the Society will be helpful. A witty satirist declared: The most misleading, far-reaching and disturbing are those that are honestly believed to be truth. It is with these that we are concerned here.

Many of his early contributions in articles, special manuals, treatises and books are still widely held as good, useful and instructive; and I would add my own warm indebtedness to him during several years of my early membership. Then, however, came Mrs. The evidence and the proof, though long delayed, have now emerged.

A number of letters sent by C. These have but recently come to my knowledge. Besant accepted the information in good faith and announced the founding. They relate to the celebration of Mass, the effect of consecration and of priesthood, and to numerous details of ecclesiastical procedure. The answers to these many questions all support and endorse the clerical views of Bishop Leadbeater himself. It is the sacerdotal caste, the priesthood and the churches; it is in those illusions that man looks upon as sacred, that he has to search out the source of that multitude of evils which is the great curse of humanity The sum of human misery will never be diminished unto that day when the better portion of humanity destroys in the name of Truth, morality and universal charity, the altars of their false gods.

And in Letter No. These are the gods the Hindus and Christians and Mahomed and all others of bigoted religions and sects worship. These extracts from letters written by the Masters K. I have chosen you to hold it He quotes these words as from the Lord Maitreya. Yet Krishnamurti - the Chosen Vehicle - was beginning to rebel, and a few years later utterly repudiated all connection.

The Lord has not come, so far as we know Theosophists are in no sense bound to accept Leadbeater as an infallible teacher. With the advantage of forty years perspective, plus the letters to Annie Besant and the events of , it is now clear as some have long known or suspected that the Lord Maitreya and the Masters with whom Leadbeater was on such familiar terms were his own thought-creations.

strong to the core Manual

Yet I feel certain that there was no intention to deceive. His clairvoyance was unquestioned. It was by that faculty that he discovered the boy Krishnamurti, who has at any rate turned out to be a great leader of thought, widely acknowledged all over the world.

This discovery in itself was no small feat, and it was not an isolated case. Nor was it a case of a split mind. Kriyashakti Conscious and Unconscious. It is a well-known term in Occultism, and its meaning has been abundantly demonstrated during the past few decades in research work on the mysteries of the human mind.

The description of the mind by Patanjali, given long ago, is still much to the point: Personal memories consist of such images imprinted on the mind, in size minute but readily expanded when the higher mental ray of light is focused on them. Such a momentary focus is all that one needs to recognize a familiar face and figure. Some of the imprints in the sphere of the lower mind are very clear images because of frequent repetition - for example, those of parents, children and other relatives, friends and acquaintances - but others need some scrutiny by the focused ray in order to be remembered.

Pictured forms can also be built in the mind by the ray itself. Any memory record can be strengthened by repeated recollection and, occasionally, the picture will become most pronounced: They have mentally conceived and created a form - and stepped into it. Unconscious creative thought may also follow long-continued contemplation of a religious symbol, such as a crucifix. Mento-etheric repercussion is the simple reason.

The same kind of effect - a bruise on the body - may follow from a very vivid dream in which one shrinks from, but receives, a severe dream blow. Psychotherapy is becoming familiar with all of these. Mind and emotions are of the second and third elemental kingdoms, and the essence of which these are composed is itself very much alive. A memory training course will speedily prove this, and is well worth the experiment.

Although well-planned exercises enable one to memorize verse and prose easily, retain figures and dates by association devices and so forth, one soon realizes that the mind is a separate entity from oneself. When well drilled it can take things over on its own.

buddha maitreya leccion 35 autoluz spanish edition Manual

Se consideran residuos y efluvios de las perfecciones originales del alma encarnada. The occasion was the elevation of men newly chosen to the elite 33rd degree. Org and their associated websites. De hecho, este karma que determina el destino A. This Lodge and its membership are decidedly anti-Christian and are markedly pro-communist.

Long passages can be recited and simple calculations made without higher mental attention. Indeed, much routine work can be handed over. A common experience will illustrate this automatism. A pleasing melody or a catchy tune is heard and hummed repeatedly; then one tires of it, yet it continues and may become an obtrusive nuisance. The will must be invoked to curb or dismiss the tune.

Obviously the mind, though mine, is not I. We all have the ability to visualize mentally.

Eighty-Eight Buddhas Repentance Ceremony (1 hour)

Some find it easy, many do it only with difficulty. On the chessboard two armies of 16 pieces face each other, and the board is of 64 squares, black and white. Countless combinations are possible, and all the games differ. Yet a blindfold master, playing against 20 opponents simultaneously, recently won 16 of the Such an amazing feat of clear and detailed visualization is convincing evidence of the power of creative thought.

The thought-form of the chess-board and the pieces in each game is brilliantly real. The automatism of the elemental essence of thought-forms is used, it is said, in the occult relationship of Master and chela.

Historia Religionum 2 - Bleeker - Widengren

The reverse process, though less efficient, is also possible. By intense contemplation a devotee can imprint the picture of a Master in his mental aura. Conscious Kriyashakti builds the form, but unconscious Kriyashakti may endow it with the emotional vibrations of the chela.

Therein lies the extreme hazard of the venture. And, should its creator weaken, it may become his Frankenstein. Such is the vivid description given by H. Blavatsky of the possible result of unconscious Kriyashakti. This is the early devachan of Loka II, and probably pleasant enough while it lasts. A clear and finely built thought-form of a Master may, occasionally, be the skilled product of conscious Kriyashakti by a devotee.

If its rock crystal purity be undisturbed, the form may presumably provide a medium for communication. And mental clairvoyance assists its realistic objectivity. The results of such a mistaken identity could well be disastrous. On the large scale of religious movements and nations, the power of creative thought - conscious and unconscious - is abundantly evident.

As the Master K.

buddha maitreya leccion 35 autoluz spanish edition Manual

Buy BUDDHA MAITREYA: LECCION 35 - AUTOLUZ (Spanish Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - tentatifitci.cf Buddha maitreya leccion 35 autoluz spanish edition prof j g mez go ide wwf por lasiesta realice una mirada. Credit and contact hours credit hours lecture and.

Mistaking the False for the True. Many a vision takes place in this manner and is afterwards proclaimed to others and becomes the basis of a legend. There are many people today in different parts of the world who give out messages which by their content may well be judged to come from their own subconscious minds, but are invested by them with the authority of some well-known historical figure or of one of the Teachers associated with the Theosophical movement.

It is a very great pity that the names of these Teachers, who are objects of the deepest reverence to those who know anything of Them, should be bandied about and turned into trade-marks for the most commonplace outpourings, usually containing, besides some ethical injunctions, a reference to current events, thus giving the message a certain contemporary colour, and also embellished quite often with picturesque phrases which are particularly fascinating to the minds of their promulgators. The only safety for anyone who does not wish to be misled with regard to such messages or by any other kind of psychic revelation lies in weighing for oneself impersonally every statement, from whatever source it might purport to come, strictly on its intrinsic nature and merits.

The overriding factor in the acceptance by T.

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Her authority and prestige were enough to satisfy most members. In she shut herself off from investigation of the inner planes. This she did because she could not both continue that and also do the political work for India that she felt so imperative. The strain would have been too great. Thenceforward, without any longer checking occult matters, the President loyally accepted the statements of Leadbeater and others.

My last interview with Mrs. Besant was in , on her return from a short continental tour with Bishops Leadbeater and J. Certain incidents on that tour had opened her eyes, and she saw clearly much that had been obscure. It was plain that she knew the truth, and it was devastating.

The dreadful burden was that she herself might have prevented the illusion and its results if she had retained her occult faculties and had checked statements instead of blindly accepting them. Besant had earlier been well aware of the possibility of the disastrous error that had now disrupted the activities of The Theosophical Society for many years. He must have gained utter control of the mental images he has himself created ere he will be able to hold his own unshaken.

On her return to India Mrs. Besant became mentally and physically ill, and died in at Adyar.