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'Just Cause 3' And The Appeal Of The One 'True' Sandbox
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Hi guys! I just bought JC2, so I am ready to assist in Easter egg hunting. Hit me up on a potential location and I'll check it out, saving you guys some time. Just look for whatever. Oh, and inform us if you find any bugs not discovered yet or a unmarked location.

I'm back, and I sailed around the entirety of San Esperito exploring the ocean. First of all I found two different groups of submerged trees, on top of the one in the map, and on top of the one I discovered previously, south of Esperito City. The most interesting find though? There's a massive cliff system under the water that's perfectly vertical, southeast of Isla San Cristobal.

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Additionally, I discovered a massive chain of dirt designs under the water that spans the entire map. It's probably nothing but there could be a signature or a picture hidden amongst the scribbles. I'm going to upload some stuff about my finds. Also, I discovered a new glitch that allows the player to walk on water. I think it's caused by being far enough out into the ocean. I'll add those to the map the next time I'll edit it.

I think I've seen the cliff a long time ago, but I've forgotten. Technically they're neither. They're some kind of a map design error. An easter egg would be a reference to something specific in the real world, or in another game. Just Cause 2 is reinstalled and playable though. Not unless you can find any here that you haven't read before. The following articles contain items of interest that are probably not all commonly known: Easter Eggs , Bugs and glitches disambiguation and Cut game content. Well there are some new glitches, some you don't know about because I haven't posted them yet, but beyond that not much.

Im not sure if these are actually the co-ordinates, it might have gotten mixed up with a shape in a mountain that lloked like a jaw, and when you come close you see tall white spikes in the texture snow texture because it's in the mountains. It looks a bit like the crust from Pie Island.

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Unnamed airport at X; Y See also: Category:Unmarked locations in Panau. Also, do you think their is some sort of connection between these unnamed locations? Yes, that's a coincidence.

As far as I know, game maps and just about anything in computers are easier to make, if everything has 90 degree corners and perfect east-west-north-south alignment. The arrow shape is called a "bastion".

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See "star forts" at wikipedia for more about this. And the unmarked location where the Pocumtuck Nomad spawns just before Into the Den could also belong to the agency. I hope they have maybe an unmark location with zombies because of a chemical weapon test gone wrong in a small village. Anonymous We'll read the messages by the time we get here. It's not like the internet is shut down at night. Also, "by 12"? What timezone? I'm not sure if the wiki makes any attempt to correct the displayed dates and times, or if the show a single wikia server time for everyone.

It's a little hard to see, but you can see the tires of the Meister LAV 4 series 2 that's stored in that garage without opening the door. Yeah I've also seen a few in both games although I just thought it was odd, so I didn't report it , so it's possible. I think JC1 and JC2 are programmed too differently for them to be related. Also, the safehouse garage has that gap because the standard design building just doesn't fit well with the uneven ground. The JC2 partly open garages are partly open because they're probably meant to look that way. Anonymous wrote: Yeah I've also seen a few in both games although I just thought it was odd, so I didn't report it , so it's possible.

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It actually a mission place and it isn't in a town from what i know because i have seen similar garage. Actually yeah, there are a few garages that open in missions.

alnonmoxymanghigh.gq Examples: the one in Welcome to Panau and two at Kastelo Singa. I haven't looked around much at the Panau Falls Casino during Casino Bust , so maybe he meant some garage there? There is a garage at Panau Falls Casino.

I know because I discovered and completed that location. There is a cash stash at an area obviously meant for underground parking. I remember that place very distinctly because there is a Medicine cabinet there. Just Cause 3 has just come out, and I noticed that on the map of Medici there is an island in the top-left corner that doesn't have any province or location markers.

This could be another Lost Island? There's a longer discussion about that island at Thread Eventually we'll have an article for it, but right now we don't know what to call it. GMRE wrote: Actually yeah, there are a few garages that open in missions. I don't think it was meant to be open, but I do remember seeing objects inside, well I've forgotten a lot about it, but I remember it was in some city. List of cities in Panau. It may have been Pekan Kesuma. I did it so long ago, I might actually be saying stuff I'm not completely sure was there, but I'm pretty sure there was a small interior.

In the middle of the whel it has a logo, a black circle with red writing. But I can't see what it says. I'll also check if the easter egg is on other cars too. Ok there were a lot of cars beeping behind me so I melee attacked all their cars, and as usually the ran away, but all to the same spot, so about five civilians kept runnng around that sport tripping over each other.

I'm now investigating all of the vehicles close up.

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Can I change my username? There is a glitch that could help us get a vehicle down under, but I cant reproduce it. Once again, whether the misconduct constitutes just cause for dismissal will largely depend on the nature of the misconduct, the context and surrounding circumstances and whether the termination is reasonable. The player can partake in a variety of optional side missions, for example liberating a village or taking over a drug cartel's villa. You can fill the lifters with helium or explosive hydrogen. Anyone with an account can.

The Schulz Virginia has It's name on the side of it. I went to a gas station and this is what I found: a sign half in english saying something of Panau starting with P. There is a sign that looks something like Coca Cola, except blue wiriting and it says Tropical!

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I also encountered many glitches, like when I got out of a vehicle I morphed into the ground up to Rico's hips, but when I was walking I slowly came out. Another was a soldier in the water when I had heat Which was basically lying down In the water. I thought he was dead, but he actually was still alive.

An the last one, a soldier was getting into a mounted gun, and I blew him up with an autocannon, and when he landed on the floor he was doing a dance, that looked like he was swimming, except he was half in the ground. To back this up, one of their helimachopters is based off an MD, and the other helicopter doesn't have a tail rotor, and looks as if it was suposed to look like it had NOTAR. Why am I mentioning this? And the reason why it is an attack helicopter, is because Boeng and MD are partnered in real life.

And the Chimaera is a joint manufacture between the two companies. That also adds a new meaning to it's name, a hybrid, Multiple companies designing it. Then we move on to Just Cause 2. The Topachula. A modified version, but still keeping the bad handing. But Delta is not in JC3, well under their name.

It is possible that Delta has continued production under another name, because MD has roots extending one way to Sikorsky, and the other to Bell, possibly the two largest helicopter brands in the US or even the world. So this is the connection, starting from Sikorsky:.

In no way is the AH Topachula a Mk. The Topachula is smaller, but still has extremely inferior handling. It also doesn't have guided missiles. Its only advantage is that it can fly sideways, but that's because due to Game limits no JC1 helicopter could fly sideways. Well Boeing made the Apache, and infact MD did too for a time. Even though they look nothing alike.

I mean how they are connected to each other, or if they are conected at all. There are two others, the Pell and the Traver-Z. I think there may be more out there, Like a Wildchild. Okay allow me to create of list of locations where Agency vehicles spawn in normal gameplay :. You are tasked with delivering a D. It's our job to confirm or deny this because I've never seen this before and I personally doubt that there's a DRM variant. The other suspicious part of it is that it doesn't state where exactly the random encounter can spawn.

I've never seen that either, but the game seems to have thousands or at least very many of Random encounter locations.