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And thank you randyfenoli for designing such a beautiful dress!!!

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I never thought I'd find someone who would love me for me, and to find that great love is so special. An oldie but goodie. On being asked about the saddest moments in her life, she confesses, "Reflecting on the time I was very self-conscious of my arm brings a lot of sadness to me. I wish I had the knowledge and lessons I have now, and perhaps I wouldn't have missed out on a lot of things in school. I don't think it's as rewarding to take short-cuts through life to get to the finish line faster.

The touchbionics i-limb quantum has made it so much easier to paint eggs now that I can hold it in my bionic arm. There may be an egg painting career in my future.


I think people are afraid of trigger words, but it stems from not being educated on the topic. A lot of people don't feel comfortable asking me questions about my disability because they're afraid of offending me. It's my job to educate people about my limb difference so we can start a conversation about people living with disabilities.

The same should apply to mental health. We need to be talking about it more to learn what we can do to be better. What I've learned from these recent high-profile suicides is that no one is immune to depression.


We need to take better care of ourselves. We constantly beat ourselves up over things we often cannot control. I hope one day we can all learn to love ourselves a bit more.

From the runwayofdreams gala event honoring the CEO of tommyhilfiger. My friend mcbacardi showing off his copy of usatoday! Thanks, Matt! You're the best.

The media has given me an incredible platform to spread my message about self-love and overcoming challenges and insecurities. I've tried to stay away from reading a lot of the comments in some of the articles I've read, but the few I have seen inspire me to keep pushing to do more.

An overwhelming personality she is!

Madera Tribune, Volume LI, Number 246, 18 December 1943

Rebekah is doing it all despite the obvious hardships; it is on us to contemplate how we also dump our inhibitions and rise high. A one-time actress who is cousins with Gwyneth Paltrow and graduated from Cornell University majoring in business and Buddhism, Rebekah Neuman was responsible for a lot of the creative elements of We's early slogans like the neon "hustle harder" signs. Some employees described an almost absolutist aesthetic, particularly when it came to a preference for all-white personal technology. A spokeswoman for the Neumanns said Adam is dyslexic and prefers to dictate messages into his phone.

At one point, more than a dozen WeWork staffers had iPads with access to Adam Neumann's iMessage account to field messages for him, multiple ex-employees said. One source who worked closely with the C-suite described it as a logistical and security nightmare.

A WeWork spokesperson declined to comment on the Neumanns' technology preferences but said the company is moving in a new direction under new co-CEOs Artie Minson and Sebastian Gunningham. For more on what it's like to work at WeWork, read the larger story here. Got a tip? PR pitches by email only, please.

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Der Artikel wurde versandt. WeWork's Rebekah Neumann insists that all technology she uses is white-colored, and her assistants once had to break apart her phone, spray paint all the pieces, and put it back together for her. Even though WeWork has been positioned as a tech company, co-founders Adam and Rebekah Neumann don't use computers, preferring to dictate their texts and have assistants send emails.